My family moved from Laos, Vientiane, to the United Kingdom when I was four. But for one year in Brighton, I grew up London, and am now based in Malmö, Sweden, working as an independent freelance artist.


In 1991 I attended Lewisham College on their Drama foundation course and followed this with a Dance foundation course, after which I went to the Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary dance. Whilst there I was with National Youth Dance Company for two years.


I graduated Rambert School in 1998 and was employed by Richard Alston Dance Company. Since then I have worked for Henri Oguike Dance Company,Wayne McGregor/Random Dance, Glenn Wilkinson, Niklas Laustiola, Alicia Herrero, Bonachela Dance Company, 2007 Bank Project, Fabulous Beast Dance Theatre, Art of Spectra (r&d), Shobana Jayesingh Dance Company, Maresa Von Stockert of Tilted Productions and most recently Nigel Charnock + company.


I have also danced for a number of Opera productions at The Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, Glyndebourne Opera, Opera North and Malmo Opera.


Commercial employment includes dancing for Kylie Minogue and Christina Aguillera. Choreographers assistent to Wayne McGregor on 'Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire'. & Philips Lumiblade, with Laila Diallo, 'You Fade to Light'


Since 2009 I have been associate artist with Step Out Arts, UK, and a member of Rörelsen - Koreografer i Skåne, Sweden, since 2011. Currently I am Co-Artistic Director at Without Walls with Emma Ribbing.





'Master and Margarita' a duet with Antonia Grove created for a Russian Gala, performed in the presence of HRH the Duke of Kent, 1999.


'Something Lost' and 'Out of Light' Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance commissions, 2000-2.


'Black Light' a solo for A.W.O.L An evening of choreography by Random Dance dancers, 2005.


'Death is the Plant' With Hilary Stainsby & Laila Diallo. Performed at White Christmas at The Place Theatre. Funded by The Arts Council of England and The Royal Victoria Hall Memorial Fund, 2006.


'My Shadow' and 'Body Not Indexed' for Paladium platform and Malmo festival, 2009.


'ACT1', with Keir Patrick, Raymond Rao and Edel Griffiths, 2009.


'aliAs-on the way & on the tongue'with Emma Ribbing and Silas Bieri, 2010.


'A single act' a solo funded by Arts Council of England, The Swedish arts grants committee and Malmö city. Co-produced by Greenwich dance and Step Out Arts. With Aditional support from Danshallerne, Copenhagen. 2010.


'Plain', a commission by Arts cross 2011, Taipei, Taiwan.


'Yellow card' a collaboration with performer Rumiko Otsuka, Composer Edel Griffith and mentored by Wendy Houstoun. Funded by Arts Council of England, The Swedish arts grants committee and Malmö city. Co-produced by Dansstationen and Pavilion dance. With additional support from Greenwich dance, Step Out Arts and Rörelsen - Koreografer i Skåne. 2012.


'What do you expect?' a quartet with Dawna Dryhorub, Sanya Fruhwald and Skye Reynolds. Composer Edel Griffith, Dramaturgy by Wendy Houstoun, Lighting Design Imre Zsibrik. Funded by Arts Council of England, the Swedish arts grants committee, Malmö city and Dansstationen. With additional support from Tanzhaus nrw, Step Out Arts and Rörelsen - Koreografer i Skåne. 2013.


My work:


At this time I am exploring more conceptual ideas surrounding movement, as well as abstract dance and theatre.


Slowly I begin to see that the dances I make have become more connected to how a body may simply move as a person and not the dancer trained into that person' body. This is perhaps more of a statement about myself than anyone else, but since I started dancing at the age of 18 I am really fascinated in remembering how I moved before I began my training to become the dancer I am today.


Dance to me is communicating through movement and the provoking of questions to understand myself and others further through the processes of exploration, creation and sharing.




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- Donald Hutera (on A single act), Dance Europe, 2010

"A heartfelt act of exposure...rough and raw..."

KH A Single Act-5