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Part discussion but all performance, this quartet delves into the ‘lives’ of a contemporary dancer and in the process blurring the lines between audience and performer, putting everything that happens on stage into question. What is real and what fictional? Who do you think we are? And what do you expect?


With Khamlane Halsackda and performers Dawna Dryhorub, Sanja Fruhwald and Skye Reynolds.


Composer Edel Griffith.


Lighting Designer Imre Zsibrik


Dramaturgy Wendy Houstoun


This work is a co-commission with Dansstationen; additional support from Tanzhaus nrw, Free to Fall at the Rich Mix, Step out arts and Rörelsen-Koregrafer i Skåne.


Funded by Arts Council of England, Malmö stad, Konstnärsnämnden and Dansstationen.




Photo Daniel Alonso Van Camp

Design by David Ball

2013 What do you expect?

2014 UNDER

"Funny, surprising, smart, bold...darkly manipulative...great in its manic conviction"


'Under' is a work of visceral experiences and stark imagery, inspired by the genre of performance art and sculptures of humans and animals by Belgian born artist Berlinde De Bruyckere.


Under refers to going deeper than the surface, beyond the skin, to unearth what may lie beneath: a place of secrets, contradiction, vulnerability and joy.


This project is a co-production with Utero. It has completed an initial research and development period in March with a residency at Espaco o Tempo, Montemor, Portugal. Supported by Rui Horta, and producer Lee Smikle, with finances from Artist international developmant fund and Konstnärsnamnden.


Performers/co-creators: Khamlane Halsackda, Dan Watson, Sebastian Langueneur


Director: Miguel Moreira


Assistant director: Catarina Felix


Lighting designer: Joao Miguel


Composer: Rui Bentes


Producers: Without Walls and Hanna Falk (Sweden) Utero (Portugal) Lee Smikle (UK)


The project continues with a 6 week residency this coming summer to complete making the performance, at Inkonst in Malmö, Sweden. Followed by performances in 2014: Gimaeras Portugal, London UK, Malmö Sweden and University of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.


Funded by: Konstnärsnamnden/The Swedish arts grants committee, Malmö Kulturstöd, Region Skåne, Utero, Arts Council of England and Vila Flors




2016 The Doctor


What if we did something we thought we could never do?

What if we don’t really know the people we love?

What if we were to re-imagine our own history?

What then?



A performance where the naked truth is questionable.



The Doctor began as a project looking at issues related to immigration. Confronting some people’s fear and disgust of the unknown and the quick assumption that because something is unfamiliar it must be dangerous.


The work has now become the study and dissection of Khamlane`s own identity, through attempting to understand someone of an opposite nature, with the desire that the knowledge gained through his process will bring to light topics surrounding immigration, integration and xenophobia. It investigates the idea of 2 worlds, the one he currently lives  and a world that could have been. A work that seems to have an endless paradox, constantly debating about right and wrong, good and bad, an age old human struggle. The idea of attempting to understand the principles of an opposite persona as a way to encourage this very conversation.


The Doctor premiered on the 8,9 September 2016 at Dansstationen in Malmö, Sweden.


Creation/Performance Khamlane Halsackda

Direction Maria Herranz

Performance Rumiko Otsuka

Music Silas Bieri

Production Eliana Oikawa


Co-produced by Dansstationen (SE) and in-discourse (SE)

With financial support of: Konstnarsnamnden and The city of Malmö (SE)